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Evaluation Consultant

I was privileged to win the Regional Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation Award for 2018 at EvalColombo.  

Working for over ten years as a full-timer, I recently took the leap to start my own consultancy and build my Empire in Evaluation. Below are some of the names I worked with and I am affiliated with. 

I will run you first through the clients I worked with and provide you with a summary of the projects I worked with them on.

I will then take you through my network and the volunteer work I do. Volunteering and being a member of the following Networks has changed my life. I encourage every evaluator to check them out and volunteer as well.

I take pride in all the work I do because I believe it is a great opportunity for me to practice and learn at the same time. 

A quick run through the Projects I worked on and the Clients I worked with in 2018, these include:

Queen Rania Foundation 

Qualitative Evaluator for the Gamification Pilot

This was a great project to work on. It strengthened my qualitative data analysis skills. The project included running focus groups with various stakeholders of different ages, analyzing the results and writing the report. 


Translator and Interpreter for the Evaluation of Effectiveness of German Development Cooperation in Dealing with Conflict induced Forced Migration Crisis Project

This was an exciting evaluation project to work on as a translator and interpreter. I learned a lot from the team, especially on qualitative data collection, and got to work with various stakeholders in Mafraq, Ramtha and the Zatari camp. 

VNG International

Facilitator for the Implementation and Improvement of Green Infrastructure and Public open Spaces Project

This project took me back to the days of Urban Planning. I got to facilitate two workshops in Sarhan and Bal'ama. It was so much fun and a great learning experience. 

UNFPA Jordan

Local Consultant for the Scalability and Sustainability Evaluation of “Za’atari Youth Center: A Space for Change” Project

This project allowed me to work inside the Zatari camp evaluating a Youth center and working with a great team of evaluators. We ran focus groups, interviews, collected and analyzed data, reported and presented it to the committee. It was a very rewarding experience.

OXFAM Jordan

Facilitator for the Women Access to Justice Phase 2 Project 

This project was an eye opener for me. I got to work with strong women in Zarqa while running focus groups. 

The Networks that I am affiliated with include: 


Being a member, EvalPartners has been very kind to me; introducing me to evaluators from all over the world and supporting me every step of the way. 


Being a member in EvalMENA has given me great exposure into the Arab Evaluation world and a major role in developing the Annual EvalMENA Conference. 2018 will be in Rabat, Morocco. 


Co-Chair of Task Force II and one of the core team developing the International Mentoring Pilot Program. We developed the pilot thinking we would receive 100 applications; we ended up receiving 850 and ran the pilot with 50 pairs. Currently, we are designing the new phase of the program. 


I take pride in being an active member of my Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPE). We held the EvalMENA annual conference in Amman in 2017 and received over 170 national, regional and international participants.

European Evaluation Association

Being a member in the European Evaluation Society was quite rewarding. Attending the EES conference in 2018 allowed me to learn more about recent evaluation trends and network with international colleagues.

EvalMENA EvalYouth Chapter

We founded the EvalMENA EvalYouth Chapter in 2017 with a group of very enthusiastic YEEs. As Co-Chair and founding member, I support Arab YEEs in three task forces that pave the Arab evaluation fabric; Capacity Building, Advocacy and Context Analysis.